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    A website for AdTech professionals to share photos of their furry companions

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    AdTech professionals sharing dog photos in online community.

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    Join a community of like-minded professionals and share the love for your dog with others in the industry.
    AdTech professionals networking with their furry companions.

    Networking Opportunity

    Build new connections and expand your professional network through a shared passion for dogs and AdTech.
    Happy dog bringing joy to AdTech office.

    Positive Work Environment

    Create a positive and welcoming work environment by celebrating the joy that dogs bring to our lives.
  • Meet Our Featured Dogs

    Get to know some of the adorable dogs from the AdTech community

    Labrador happily sitting at office desk with owner.


    Meet Pixel, a friendly Labrador who loves to accompany his owner to the office.

    Joyful Golden Retriever brightening up the workplace.


    Say hello to Cookie, a playful Golden Retriever who brings joy to everyone at the workplace.

    A loyal German Shepherd by his owner's side at work.


    Meet Cache, a loyal German Shepherd who is always by his owner's side, even during long work hours.

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  • What Our Members Say

    Hear from AdTech professionals who have found joy in sharing their dogs' photos

    Happy dog with AdTech colleagues at work

    Impressa Clickson

    AdTechDog has provided a wonderful opportunity to connect with colleagues on a personal level through our shared love for dogs.
    Smiling dog in office setting brings positivity to workplace culture.

    Cacheon Demand

    Being able to share photos of my dog in a professional setting has brought so much positivity to our workplace culture.
    AdTech professional's furry companion brings industry connections to life.

    Demanda S. Platform

    I've loved getting to know other AdTech professionals through their dogs' photos. It's a unique way to build connections in the industry.